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Thumb Wrestling with Our Digital Overlords: A Quest for Passion Beyond the Screen 

In the grand arena of modern life, where our thumbs glide over screens with the grace of a well-rehearsed ballet, we find ourselves entangled in a love affair not with a human, but with a sleek, demanding rectangle—our smartphones. Yes, this relationship has outlasted many of Cupid's misfires, standing as a testament to our dedication or, perhaps, our unwillingness to look up and notice the sun setting. But before we delve into this digital soapbox session, let's consider some startling statistics that are more gripping than your phone during a cliffhanger season finale. 

Constant stimulation from smartphone addictions

Diving into the abyss of screen time statistics reveals that the average person dedicates about 3.25 hours daily to their digital companion. To put that into perspective, that's around 23.75 hours a week—practically a part-time job, except this job pays in dopamine hits and eye strain instead of cold, hard cash. Now, if only our hobbies paid us in such consistent emotional currency, perhaps we wouldn't be in this predicament. 

But what about those dreams and aspirations that are now just collecting dust in the attic of our ambition? The novel that's been stuck in limbo, that instrument that's become a sophisticated clothes hanger, or the art supplies that are now drier than my sense of humour—these are the victims of our screen-saturated saga. 

A desk of forgotten hobbies

Let's embark on a whimsical journey of "what if?" What if we redirected a mere 15% of our devoted screen time toward reigniting the flames of our abandoned hobbies and passion projects? That equates to about 15 glorious hours each month where you could be serenading neighbourhood squirrels with your newly acquired guitar skills, baking bread that doesn't resemble a geological specimen, or perhaps even conquering the Everest of clutter that is your garage. 

This narrative isn't about demonizing our digital dependencies—after all, who among us can claim they haven't been spellbound by the mystical arts of online tutorials or exposés, emerging as newfound experts on subjects as diverse and captivating as; ‘Off-Grid Homesteading’ to ‘Why the Stock Market is Just a Bunch of IOUs’. Rather, this is a loving nudge, a whisper in the ear saying, "Hey, remember that thing you used to love doing before your phone became an extension of your body?" 

Smartphone with thumbnails for social media feeds

Envision a life less ordinary, one where you're more famous for your homemade jams than your jam-packed social media feed. A life where creation triumphs over consumption, where your hands are stained with paint, soil, or flour rather than the residual warmth of a phone screen. It's about embracing self-reliance, not out of a doomsday prepper necessity [looks around - not tat it could hurt though...] but because there's an uncharted territory of skills and passions waiting to be discovered. 

So, I dare you, intrepid explorer of the real world. Retrieve that forgotten hobby from the depths of your closet, shake off the cobwebs of doubt, and dive in headfirst to the pursuit of what vibrates your soul deeper than any notification buzzer can. Let's create a narrative where our lives are as momentous offline as they are on. After all, the most memorable moments are often those that don't make it to the screen but instead are etched deeply in our hearts and memories. Let's not just live for the scroll, but for the soul-stirring adventure of simply being. 


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